It's free!

Large Database

We maintain a very large database of ingredients and keep them up-to-date with the manufacturers' specifications.

Automatic Unit Conversion

Brewtarget can display metric, American, or English units. It also transparently converts any units from one system to another, such that if you choose American units, but enter "28 g" as the amount of a hop, it will immediately convert to "1 oz."

Cross Platform

Build recipes on Linux, Mac, and Windows!


Can synchronize your whole library of recipes and ingredients with cloud storage like Dropbox.

Intuitive Mash Designer

Calculates all infusion volumes and temperatures for accurate mashing.

Share Recipes

Can print recipes or export them as text or html for posting on the web. Also exports recipes to BeerXML files for sharing with programs like BeerSmith.

OG Correction Tool

Ever miss your OG by a wide margin? This tool tells you how much water to add or boil off to hit your target.

Pitch Rate Tool

Calculates how many packets/vials of yeast you need for healthy fermentation, or how big of a starter to make.

Priming Tool

Calculates how much sugar or priming agent you need to carbonate your beer to the right level.

Refractometer Tool

Converts between Plato/Brix and specific gravity, and allows you to use your refractometer to measure the final gravity accurately.

Brew Timers

With so many things going on at once on brewday, it is often hard to keep track of what happens next. Avoid this with a set of timers with audio notification.

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